Equipping Creators to Measure Their Impact

In a data driven funding environment, creators must be able to measure their social & cultural impact... alongside their ticket sales. How might a platform equip them to meet these requirements more easily? Which business type best suits creators' current needs, complements the equipment currently at their disposal, and provide the adaptability to ensure it's future proof?

Through scenario work, we explored the opportunities and drawbacks of:

- registering in a given jurisdiction, 
- different profit structures
- business types (cooperatives, B Corps / community interest, and non-for-profit corporations), and
- if a cooperative, which amongst the following ownership & governance models : multi-stakeholder, worker or consumer/ user. 

We found a few containers that could hold their needs, as a foundation for the next stages of stakeholder mobilisation, design, and development. 

06/2018 - 09/2018 (5 days)
Toronto, ON & Remote work