To speak a new language is to access new ways of knowing, new dimensions of time, space and human relations. Understanding them  enriches us at the individual and societal level, in ways which Google translate still does not have the human sensitivity to detect and transmit.

Through my work, I have tried to influence group cultures to see multiple languages and ways of engaging with work as an asset rather than a barrier. I have had the privilege of working with creative and radical interpreters who believe in full language justice. Now, I want to experiment with integrating language into process design, in order to host groups in manners that transcend language. How can language, both verbal and not, be distilled to its simplest form, almost to the point of dissolving into an abstraction? Alternatively, how can people conceive of engaging with multi-linguistic, multi-sensory space as being a path of least resistance, in the same way seeking out conversation with a dear friend can be? 

Without a doubt, I am seeking to affect an intangible system. However, given how it permeates our daily lives and our ability to affect change more broadly, I believe experimenting at this level could unsettle a number of our cultural and personal paradigms.


This section will be taking on a new character in 2018 - come back often for a look into some wacky exploring and updates on what I'm up to!

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