Facilitating collective action by ensuring that groups share common understanding, capitalize on diversity, and thrive, together.



Stephanie Guico's passion and specialty? Mobilizing unlikely partners and finding points of understanding in order to create lasting impact in communities.

BA studies in political sciences and international development at McGill University (Montreal) and a Masters of Management at St Mary's University (Halifax) provided a unique bridge between the inquisitive, analytical approach of the humanities and management's process-oriented, problem-solving ethos. Intrigued by the ramifications of diverse actors' participation in building and growing businesses, she focussed her MBA research on the topic of governance models' impact on the evolutionary trends of multi­-stakeholder cooperatives.

Her academic experience is enhanced by extensive field experience. She in turn contributed to the start-­up of multi-stakeholder organisations, supporting feasibility processes and reviewing business plans. She also participated as an employee or director in several multi­-stakeholder businesses and community organizations.

Prior to consulting, she worked with Desjardins Cooperative Group in Montreal, Canada where she played key roles amongst governance and marketing teams striving to break silos and engage workers and members alike in participatory change processes. Previously, she was Interim Program Manager at the Cooperative Development Initiative, a federal program supporting enterprise and business ecosystem development in Ottawa, Canada.

She has hosted co-creation and knowledge sharing workshops in North America, Central America and the Caribbean. 


collective intelligence & Impact

Success increasingly relies on creating unlikely partnerships. Participation, trust building, acting to realize common goals can actually be empowering for all. 

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It's not just a matter of changing languages. The end product takes into account the target audience and its unique reality.

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